Almost time to start building our websites for our project, i'm really excited.


Back from spring break ready to get started on this new material... everything is coming along just fine.

Web Dev

It's been a journey trying to keep up in this class,  but i got more time to make a push... staying focused and content.

WEB Dev Cont....

So far i'm having a little struggle with the class, but i definitely hope to improve before the semester is over,,, geesh the coding is something else i tell you....!!!

WEB Dev. Progress

We're now learning CSS and embedded style... So far so good it's really not that hard to learn... hope to keep getting better at this.

Web Dev

Another day in the world of coding... We're starting CSS learning today, so i'm uber excited about this... Love the class and everything is going good thus far.... I wish i could say the same for my programming class.... Geesh....lol

Web Dev

So far so good wit the class, doing my presentation today on the site that was suggested by the instructor. I finally got my project topic submitted as well. 

Thoughts of the Course so far

So far i've been learning alot in the class with the HTML5 coding, it's really tedious stuff but i'm hoping to get better as the class moves forward with more weeks to come. I really love doing this stuff, and it's amazing to see everything come...

Web Development

Just here writing my progress with learning how to build websites, so far last wednesday we coded our first website and it was amazing to see it come together, wasn't really detailed but it's cool to see the beginning of a new process come together......

Today's Class

In Class today we learned about different options the School offers, and presentations on helpful things for students.    I'm also looking forward to us coding for the first time using text editor